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Hi fellow critter parents!

Welcome to My children have fur.

I hope everyone has a great time here. This community is meant to be fun and friendly, so feel free to just chit-chat about whatever suits your fancies ^_______^

So enjoy and post, post, post!

Now to the intro: I'm 25 and the proud mommy of 1 human, 9 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit and 3 fishies ^_^

I'm also looking into getting another ferret. I gave my first ferret, Thief, to my mom when hers died of old age ;_; I want a cow, but my husband won't let me :P Oh well *shrugs* So, if you could have any animal at all, what would it be?
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I love ferrets. :3 I would like another ferret myself... but I think I'd rather have my ferret, Leia, back.